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At The 87 we are committed to slow and consciously produced fashion that will last, RATHER THAN following trends.


we focus on environmentally friendly production methods and believe in only creating what we neeD. We also support local manufactures and ethical workplaces, Rather than importing cheap mass produced productS.


While we don’t claim to be 100% sustainable, we believe that everyone should do what they can to both produce and consume fashion more responsibly

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We hold no stock and only create your items once you’ve placed your order so we don’t produce excess products that aren't needed. this means that your lead-time may be a little longer but your planet will be a lot happier.

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environmentally responsible PRODUCTION

Very little water is used in the manufacturing process of our fabrics, and they are created in partnership with the U.K. water board to ensure ink waste is disposed of properly so nothing leaks into the environment.

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We keep our carbon emissions low as everything is made locally and ethically in London, rather than importing from other countries. 

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Our packaging is made from FSC-certified recycled materials and printed with composable soy inks on acid free paper that won’t harm the environment as they decompose. our packaging can either be reused or recycled and is all 100% compostable.

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you can read more about our environmentally responsible production methods in our faQ

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