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What is poly georgette and why do you use it?

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Poly georgette is a synthetic imitation of silk georgette - it’s sheer, crepey, lightweight, and breathable. 

When thinking about what material works best for by the beach or next to the pool, we wanted something that was easy to wear and easy to care for. Poly georgette is durable and resilient, meaning it’s strong and doesn’t snag, stretch, or rip easily. It’s relatively resistant to wrinkles compared to natural fibres like cotton or linen and it retains its shape well, so you can throw it in a beach bag or suitcase without worrying about ironing it. It’s moisture-wicking, meaning it effectively draws moisture away from the skin and releases it into the air, promoting evaporation - which is obviously great on hot holidays by the water. It’s easy to care for and maintain, easy to wash, dries quickly, and doesn't require ironing. Poly georgette is also excellent for colour retention - it resists fading from exposure to sunlight, washing, or general use, so your pieces will retain their vibrant colours for longer. 

What is “slow” fashion, and why does it increase order delivery times? 

Slow fashion is an approach to clothing and fashion that focuses on environmentally conscious methods, ethical practices, and longevity. It is a response to the fast fashion industry, which is characterised by cheaply made, trend-driven clothing produced at a rapid pace and often imported from other countries where labour is cheaper.

At The 87, we’re committed to not producing unnecessary wasteful stock, so we don’t start creating your pieces until you place your order. This means that your delivery time may be a little longer than other brands, but your planet will be a lot happier. You can read more about our eco-friendly production practises here.

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Do you ship worldwide?

We do. 

Your shipping fee will be calculated at checkout depending on your location.

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How do I wash my scarfs and sarongs? 

Part of slow and environmentally conscious fashion is producing items that are made to last, ensuring that you don’t have to keep replacing them which adds to the waste problem we face globally. This means caring for your clothes properly is important - all of our pieces are cool hand wash and air dry only. Hand washing your clothes in cool water can also help reduce the release of microplastics into the water compared to machine washing.

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Can a synthetic fabric be sustainable?

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However, the durability and longevity of SYNTHETIC FABRIC GIVES YOUR PIECES a longer lifespan, which means thanks to Poly georgette’s resistance to wear and tear you won’t need to replace THEM as often as you might with other MATERIALS, addING to landfill waste. ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE PRACTISES combined with making mindful choices as a consumer helps to reduce the unnecessary CREATING, buying, and disposing of products.

The 87 aim to promote A more CONSCIOUS CONSUMER MINDSET that contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach to fashion, and hopes to design classic pieces you’ll want to hold on to for years, not just a season.

Do you have different sizes?

Our pieces are designed so that there's a style to fit everyone.

Our scarfs wraps are 20in / 51cm wide, by 75in / 191cm long, and our sarong wraps are 65in / 165cm wide and 50in / 127cm long - so no matter what your shape is there’s a style that will work for you. You can find some ideas of different ways to tie your pieces here.

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Do you accept returns or exchanges? 

Because of our commitment to slow and environmentally conscious fashion production, all of our pieces are made to order so we don’t hold unnecessary stock - that means we don’t start creating your items until you order them. Because of this we do not accept refunds, returns or exchanges unless the item has arrived damaged or is faulty.

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My scrunchie arrived a bit flat, how can I fix it?

Because our scrunchies are made from 100% real silk, which is a natural fibre, they can get a little flat when we send them out in the mail. We recommend using a steamer or hair dryer to fluff them out again.

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